Music In Film Submission


The winners in the Music in Film categories for the Holiday Music and Film Awards will be selected by an Independent Advisory Committee. The IAC consist of filmmakers, music engineers, music producers and recording artist.


To submit your music for a Holiday Music and Film Awards  consideration, please register by filling out the entry form below. Provide your name and professional title (music supervisor, songwriter, film composer, etc…) as well as all other required information. Here are the file formats: video clip (mp4 file)  song (mp4 file).

The submission period begins on July 8, 2024 and runs through August 9, 2024.


 The song must be featured in the body of the film.

 No more than four songs per film category can be submitted for consideration.

 HMFA trophies for Best Song are given to Songwriters. Performers are only eligible if they are equal contributors as a writer on the song.

The writer that initiates the form must list all of the songwriters names and email addresses. All songwriters will receive an email requiring their response. If they fail to respond, their submission will be deemed invalid.


No more than two soundtracks per film category can be submitted for consideration.

HMFA trophies for Best Music Supervision are given to Music Supervisors and composers.