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About Us

The Holiday Music and Film Awards®️ recognize those who contribute to spreading love, peace, and togetherness through music and film during the Christmas season, while also recognizing non-profits, as well as individuals, for their selfless acts of kindness.
The HMFA is a family friendly event where families have the opportunity to join in on all festivities. The award ceremony will include dinner, live music, live performances and more. Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

The holiday season offers a limited window of opportunity to create lasting memories. The Holiday Music and Film Awards®️is an event where talents, gifts, and the good deeds of others are acknowledged during this festive period. We cordially invite you to join us.

Community Focused

Holiday Music and Film Awards®️ support non-profits that are working in communities to help those needing assistance with housing, food, and other necessities. During the Inaugural we sponsored Family Promise of Jacksonville whose mission is to help families that have been displaced find housing. We also sponsored Practicing Acts of Caring and Kindness,Inc. (PACK) whose initiative is to provide meals to elementary students on the weekends. In our second year, we sponsored PACKS,Inc. and also had the opportunity to sponsor City Rescue Mission. CRM is transforming one life at a time through various programs that help those that are homeless.

Meet The Team

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Lisa Franklin (CEO)
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Phil Green
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Anthony Boyd
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Rena Jackson
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Charles Servance


Is there an entry fee?

No, there are no entry fees for submitting your music or film.

How many songs can I submit for the Music for Artist/Music for Artist 17 & under Categories?

You can submit a total of three songs. If you submit over the maximum allowed, we will only accept the first three songs that you upload.

Do you choose from all genres of Christmas music?

Yes, we accept submissions from all genres of Christmas music. The categories for 2024 are listed on the submission pages.

What Is The Criteria?

The eligibility criteria and rules are listed on each submission page.

Is there a host hotel?
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PO BOX 550944
Jacksonville, FL

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